After Hours

A pediatrician will be on call each evening, weekend, and holiday (24/7).

After regular office hours, URGENT medical service may be obtained by calling our usual office number. Your call will be routed directly to a recorded message to reach the pediatrician. Please leave a number where you may be reached and a brief description of your concern. At times call coverage may be shared with other pediatricians in the area and response times may vary.

Someone will assess whether your child should be seen by a doctor.

If your need is urgent, the pediatrician on call may come in to see your child in the office of the pediatrician on call. This service can help you avoid the higher costs of emergency room care and assure that your child is seen by a qualified pediatrician.

On call services are for urgent care.

Because our regular office staff is not available after hours, calls about routine appointments, billing questions, prescription refills and NON-ACUTE (NONEMERGENCY) problems should be reserved for our regular office hours.

Consult this handy symptom checker before calling

Symptom Checker

But, please do not hesitate to call. We are here to answer your questions.

We must see your child to give a prescription.

In the best interest of your ill children, we prefer not to call prescriptions to pharmacies without first examining the patient.

Fees may apply.

If the physician decides to see you in the office or elsewhere After Hours, the cost of After Hours Care is the usual office charge plus whatever after hour charge your insurance plan may require. Please bring your current insurance information and cards with you. We hope this service is helpful to you and encourage any suggestions you may have to improve our service to you.

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