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The Importance Of Annual Physicals

Having healthy kids is what every parent wants. You try to do all the right things to make sure that happens. Getting annual physicals is a part of an overall health plan. Scheduling a visit with Dr. Marc Connery at Brickyard Pediatrics in Merrillville, IN, and serving Hobart, IN gives you the opportunity to enjoy a classic hometown pediatrician's office.

Annual physicals start for most children at around 3 years old. In their first year, your child will see their pediatrician at least 6 times. The second-year usually has 3 visits and then 2 visits between 2 and 3 years of age. After that, yearly is the norm unless there is something that needs to be monitored. These exams are important because they help to identify growth, development, and emotional issues early. Early diagnosis allows parents and pediatricians to come up with a plan to help with the issue. 


As part of their annual physical, your child will be weighed and have their height checked. These are plotted on a growth chart to see how your child compares to other children of the same age and gender. This is why you may be told your child is in the 98th percentile or the 30th percentile. 


Your child's vitals will be taken, and their temperature, blood pressure, vision, and hearing will all be checked. The doctor will look in their ears and mouths to check for anything that might not be as it should be. All the major systems of the body need to be functioning at the optimal level and these exams help to address anything that should be of concern. 


The importance of immunizations can't be overstressed. Especially once your child is in daycare or school where they will be in contact with lots of other children, it is vital that, unless they have a medical reason why they can't tolerate vaccines, they be protected. Immunization protects both your child and other children as well. 

Identifying atypical behavior

At their annual physicals in Hobart, IN, your child's pediatrician will be checking how your child is developing emotionally as well as physically. They can spot the early signs of learning disabilities and depression, which most parents are not as likely to do. They also look for eating disorders and can help your child to understand the changes in their bodies as they go through puberty. 

Children change and grow so quickly, making sure they develop to their full potential is important. To schedule your children's annual physicals in Merrillville, IN, and serving Hobart, IN, call Dr. Connery at Brickyard Pediatrics. Contact our office at 219-940-9605  Monday through Friday.

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