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The Importance of Annual Physicals

Annual physicals for children can help spot underlying issues and thus prevent complications with early treatment, they can help assess your child's development through the years, and they're also a good way for you and your child to learn more about their health. Annual physicals are so important that many schools require them, but even if they don't below will be addressed some important reasons for them, but to learn more you can contact Dr. Marc Connery of Brickyard Pediatrics in Merrillville, IN.

Prevent Complications

If your kid is going to be taking part in physical activities, and it's usually recommended that they do even if it's not team sports, it's a good idea to find out if they'll be able to do so without difficulty.

During a physical, their doctor can examine for health issues that can impact their ability to play with others. Health conditions are not always an immediate disqualification from physical activities, as is the case with asthma, for example, which can be managed with medication that will allow your child to remain active.

Asses Development

Yearly checkups allow your child's doctor to assess their development on every front, from the physical, to mental, and social.

It's important that your child is meeting their developmental goals and having them examined yearly can help, but it's also a good time to discuss with their doctor about any other types of issues they could be facing.

Asking Questions

Just as you can discuss with their pediatrician about your child's developmental, it's also an excellent time for them to ask questions about their own health. Encourage them to become involved and explore the dangers of risky behaviors just as they learn about healthy ones.

Annual Physicals in Merrillville, IN

During the physical, your child's doctor takes into account things like weight, height, and vitals, among others. A quick vision screening and a blood pressure test are also typically part of a physical. It's also a perfect opportunity to make sure your child is on track with their immunizations.

If you are interested in an annual physical for your child in or around the Merrillville, IN, area you can schedule a visit with Dr. Connery of Brickyard Pediatrics by dialing (219) 940-9605.

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