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FAQs : Allergy Testing

Allergies can get in the way of your child's ability to take part in physical activities as well as impact their everyday life in other ways. The best way to deal with allergies is with early treatment, and the best way to assure early treatment can be with allergy testing. To learn more about the benefits of allergy testing you can reach out to Dr. Marc Connery of BYP Kids in Merrillville, IN.

Should My Child Be Tested?

Whether or not your child should be tested for allergies is usually a decision best come to by speaking with their pediatrician. But allergy testing is generally safe for children six months or older, although testing can be less accurate in children who are very young.

But if you notice any symptoms of allergies it's a good idea to tell your child's doctor as soon as possible so their allergies can be diagnosed and treatment can begin early.

What Are Allergy Symptoms?

There are different types of allergies that are triggered by both indoor and outdoor irritants, and sometimes by certain types of food.

Some of the most common signs of an allergy include skin rashes, coughing, difficulty breathing, and an upset stomach. Cold-like symptoms that seem to last for some time can also be an allergy reaction.

When speaking with your child's doctor it's important to keep a record of any of these instances.

How Does It Work?

Just as there are different types of allergies and irritants that cause them there are also different types of allergy tests.

Which test your child undergoes depends on the symptoms they are experiencing. For example, a skin prick test involves the use of very small droplets that contain an allergen and these are introduced into the skin with a needle. The areas of the skin that develop a small bump reveal a likely underlying allergy.

A patch test is performed in a similar way, it is typically done to test for irritants that cause rashes.

Blood tests are also an option, these can test for a variety of reactions at once.

There are also food-focused tests for food allergies that involve limiting your child's diet for a period of time.

Allergy Testing in Merrillville, IN

If you are concerned about a possible allergy and are interested in allergy testing for your child then you can schedule a consultation in Merrillville, IN, with Dr. Connery of BYP Kids by dialing (219) 940-9605.

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