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What To Expect at Newborn Visits

If you’re a new parent, you may have no idea what you can expect when you start bringing your newborn to the doctor. You want to make sure that your child is getting all the care they need, especially when they’re so small and new to the world. It’s important to know what to expect when you start bringing your child in for newborn visits. Dr. Marc Connery at Brickyard Pediatrics in Merrillville, IN, can explain what happens at newborn visits and what you should expect when you start bringing your child in.

What to Expect at Newborn Visits

Your child’s first newborn visit with their pediatrician in Hobart, IN, will usually occur a few days after they are born. This happens after they’ve been officially sent home and the first comprehensive tests have already been performed. At this first visit, your child’s pediatrician will be able to start tracking their development and monitoring any issues that may arise.

When bringing your child in, one thing you can expect to occur is vaccinations. Most vaccinations are done within the first few years of life and are important to ensuring that your child stays safe and healthy when they come into contact with others. You can also expect that your baby will have their weight and height measured and compared to a standard growth chart.

You can also expect a physical exam to be done. Your child’s pediatrician will check their eyes, mouth, heart, lungs, and hips to ensure that everything looks healthy and there’s no issues that need to be addressed. All of this also helps monitor milestones that your child will meet and make sure that they are developing as expected.

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