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The Importance of Developmental Testing

If your child struggles with either developmental or behavioral issues the best thing you can do is to get them help as early as possible. Early treatment can be achieved when the condition is also spotted early, and this can be achieved with developmental testing with the help of your Merrillville, IN, pediatrician. You can learn a lot more about the types of developmental and behavioral issues your child may encounter, as well as developmental testing, by contacting Dr. Marc Connery of BYP Kids.

Early Treatment

There are many different types of developmental and behavioral problems that can interfere with your child's success in school as well as with their social development. Of these, some of the most prevalent include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, anxiety, depression, and autism, among others.

For just about all of these conditions, the earlier that your child can get the support that they need the better they are able to adjust and achieve their potential. There is typically no cure for these conditions but there are ways that your pediatrician and other specialists can work with you and your child to better deal with their symptoms.

Developmental Testing in Merrillville, IN

Developmental testing does not work like other types of medical testing, for the most part, there are no imaging exams or blood tests that can be run to give a diagnosis. Instead, you and your child's caregivers, often including their teachers, can answer questions about your child's habits, strengths, and challenges. All of that information along with a physical examination and with past medical history can help paint a better picture about just how to help your child. This can mean treatment that is provided by the pediatrician and referrals to other specialists.

If you believe your child can benefit from developmental testing you can schedule a consultation in Merrillville, IN, with Dr. Connery of BYP Kids by dialing (219) 940-9605.

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