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What To Expect From Allergy Testing

BYP Kids and Dr. Marc Connery are here in Merriville,IN, for all your pediatric healthcare needs including allergy testing. If you're worried that your child has allergies, keep reading about allergy testing in Merriville, IN, and come see us for an appointment.

Allergies can cause a lot of unconformable symptoms. If you have allergies, you could be concerned you're passing those on to your children but also anyone can develop an allergy. If your child is having symptoms of outdoor or environmental allergies, talk to your pediatrician about how often and how severe the symptoms are. Your doctor could recommend a skin prick test.

A skin prick test is not painful for your child and involves exposing them to a tiny amount of an allergen with a painless prick. Even if they have a reaction from being exposed to an allergen, it will be minimal. This tests a series of allergens at the same time and they are monitored for immediate reactions.

Skin patch tests test reactions over a longer period of time. An adhesive bandage is placed over the exposed patch of skin and you return to the office in a couple of days to look for signs of a reaction. Food allergies can cause more severe reactions, so a blood test or elimination diet is usually recommended to test for food allergies in Merrillville, IN.

Allergy testing helps doctors determine if your child's symptoms are from allergic reactions or another condition that needs treatment. Once we can determine what allergens are causing reactions you know what you avoid and can help your child avoid symptoms with appropriate medication and avoiding the right allergens.

BYP Kids can help when you're worried about allergies and your child. To make an appointment with Dr. Marc Connery for allergy testing in Merriville, IN, contact us at (219) 940-9605.

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