• The Importance of Children’s Mental Health
    Adults aren’t the only people that need mental health services. Children can suffer mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and other conditions, just like adults. If your child suffers from Read more
  • Symptoms of ADHD in Children
    It’s normal for children to act out. You want your child to test boundaries and show independence, which are both normal milestones in a child’s development. If your child is Read more
  • What are Sick Child Visits?
    When your child is sick, it’s comforting to know that help and advice from your pediatrician are just a phone call away. So, what happens when your child is very Read more
  • What Should I Do for My Child’s Fever?
    When your child is sick, it can be difficult to know what to do. When your child has a fever, it can be especially scary, because a fever may indicate Read more
  • What To Expect From Allergy Testing
    BYP Kids and Dr. Marc Connery are here in Merriville,IN, for all your pediatric healthcare needs including allergy testing. If you're worried that your child has allergies, keep reading about Read more
  • What To Expect During Annual and Sports Exams
    Making sure that your children are active can be of great benefit to their overall physical health. Whether they're taking part in team sports or even just PE class most Read more
  • The Importance of Developmental Testing
    If your child struggles with either developmental or behavioral issues the best thing you can do is to get them help as early as possible. Early treatment can be achieved Read more
  • Behavioral Health and Your Child
    Children exhibit all kinds of interesting behaviors. Many of these behaviors are normal boundary testing, showing independence, and other healthy milestones you want to see. Children can also exhibit behaviors you Read more
  • Helping Your Child Live Well With Asthma
    Need help controlling your child’s asthma symptoms? Your pediatrician can help. We know that seeing your child cough, wheeze and have trouble taking a full breath can be more than a Read more
  • What To Expect at Newborn Visits
    If you’re a new parent, you may have no idea what you can expect when you start bringing your newborn to the doctor. You want to make sure that your Read more
  • Does Your Child Need a School Physical?
    When your child begins school, it’s time for your child to begin having school physicals by a pediatrician. School physicals are a great way to help ensure the continuing health Read more
  • FAQs : Allergy Testing
    Allergies can get in the way of your child's ability to take part in physical activities as well as impact their everyday life in other ways. The best way to Read more
  • The Importance of Annual Physicals
    Annual physicals for children can help spot underlying issues and thus prevent complications with early treatment, they can help assess your child's development through the years, and they're also a Read more
  • What Is a Developmental Screening?
    Find out when children should undergo a developmental screening. From the moment your child is born, our Hobart, IN, pediatrician Dr. Marc Connery will provide them with everything they need to Read more
  • The Importance Of Annual Physicals
    Having healthy kids is what every parent wants. You try to do all the right things to make sure that happens. Getting annual physicals is a part of an overall Read more
  • What Happens at Child Wellness Checkups?
    Find out more about well-child checkups and why they are crucial for your child’s health. From the moment your baby is born, you want to give them everything. You also want Read more

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