• How I wish I could see the future.
    So I would like to take a moment to talk about normal progression of illness and parental expectation.I had a patient come in last week with two night history of Read more
  • The Importance Of Well-Child Care Visits
    A healthy child begins with the right doctor. A pediatrician can help you and your child make the best and most informed decisions regarding their health. It’s important to have Read more
  • Evaluating for Childhood ADHD
    Although all kids fidget or have trouble concentrating from time to time, frequent issues could mean that your child has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Your pediatrician in Hobart, IN, Dr. Marc Read more
  • Does Your Child Have an Ear Infection?
    How can you tell whether your child has an ear infection? If your child is old enough to tell you what’s going on, then they may be able to let you Read more
  • Why Are Vaccinations Needed?
    Vaccines offered during visits to your Hobart, IN, pediatrician, Dr. Marc Connery of BYP Kids, help your children stay healthy. Vaccinations prevent many diseases that can cause chronic or lifelong Read more
  • How Annual Exams Protect Your Child’s Health
    Is it time for your son or daughter's annual exam or sports exam? There's no need to wait hours at a walk-in clinic when you can schedule a convenient appointment Read more
  • Where We've Been, Where We're Going
    Announcing our upcoming move Read more
  • Peanut Allergies in Children
    In the past 15 years, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of children with peanuts allergies, so it goes without saying that most parents are worried about giving Read more
  • Checking for Irregularities in Blood Sugar
    Worried about your child’s blood sugar levels? Diabetes rates are surging among American children. This metabolic disorder doesn’t just impact blood sugar levels, it can put your child at risk for Read more
  • Screening for Autism
    Learn more about autism screenings and your child. When it comes to physical health problems, it’s fairly easy to achieve a diagnosis through a simple blood test or physical exam; however, Read more
  • FAQs About the Pediatric COVID Vaccine
    No doubt you’ve been hearing a lot of discussions, particularly on the news, about the Covid-19 vaccine. You’ve also heard that kids five years old and older are now eligible Read more
  • Know the Signs of Chickenpox
    The infamous chickenpox, a virus known to cause itchy blisters all over the body. It most often happens to school-age kids, but unfortunately, if you’ve never had this infection as Read more
  • When a Fever Requires Medical Attention
    A fever is one of the biggest concerns that parents have when it comes to their infant or child. We understand that a fever can sometimes be considered an emergency Read more
  • Does My Child Have a UTI?
    When bacteria enter the bladder or the kidneys this can result in a urinary tract infection. Unfortunately, UTIs are quite common in infants and kids, so it’s important to recognize Read more
  • Hmm . . .
    Read more
  • Your Infant and Constipation
    It’s not typically common for infants to have issues with constipation; however, sometimes it happens. While many babies won’t deal with constipation they may have irregular bowel movements as their Read more

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